Thursday, August 1, 2013


The Garden of Egan.
It's outta control.
It's a little hard to tell just how tall the corn on the right of Lexi is because of the tree in the background.

Trust me.
It. Is. Tall.

The corn on the left is tassled out and almost ready to eat.


Here is the view from the back of the garden.
The tall stuff is Silver Queen.

We certainly have had the temperatures for an amazing garden this year.

If the zucchini were a trucker...

It would be fined at the weigh station!

It has been so hot this year.
And we don't have air-conditioning.
But I have LOVED every minute of the sunshine and warmth.

I know the cold that lies ahead.


Julia said...

Wow, your corn looks like it's on steroid,lol... Good Job on the garden girl. This is the first year in 46 years since I got married that I don't have a veggie garden and although it was a nice break I miss getting fresh veggies from the garden. I can always go steal some from my daughter's garden since I have her permission but I'll stick to my few tomato plants.

Think of me when you take your first bite into that sweet corn.

Nancy Face said...

Yum, fresh corn!

I love zucchini when it's tiny, so I devour it before it gets a chance to grow up - what a meanie!

Deb said...

Great garden. That corn will be oh so delicious! We gave it a good go, but ultimately only got two small squash before our Arizona garden withered in the heat. Summers are just too hot here. I may try again with a fall/winter garden. Congrats on your green thumb!

Barb said...

Your corn is amazing!! I love it when everything in the garden starts to mature - the zucchini is huge too!

I didn't plant corn this year, but my zucchini is going crazy, along with my cucumbers, beets and cabbage! I love this time of year! I put a really good recipe on my blog for zucchini, you'll have to try it, it's so good!

Your little grands are so cute, with Belle and the Beast - I love the Play Mill. You are making memories that they will never forget, unless they are eaten by that big bear...yikes!


Connie said...

You live in eastern Idaho and don't have air conditioning? Oh sister, I don't know how you do it, I would be Mrs. Cranky Pants and unbearable to live with if I had to go without AC. In fact the other day I didn't turn on the AC because it wasn't supposed to get above 80 but the house got so hot my cranky meter was pegged. On a positive note, your garden is doing fabulous.

Lesa said...

You don't have air conditioning...?

Oh, the garden looks wonderful!!:)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh yummy!!! You have an amazing garden!

And we don't have A/C here either. I've been melting!

Lisa said...

It HAS been so hot this year, but I'm trying to think like you, because I curse the ugly gray days ahead. And corn on the cob is my favorite! I might just come for a visit in the middle of the night, but don't mind me. ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, your garden is amazing!
Enjoy your weekend. I can't believe you don't have air conditioning?

jen said...

I knew a giant zucchini would be involved in this post even before I read it.

Anonymous said...

Mother's favorite was Silver Queen! Enjoy all the delicious veggies!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so jealous that you got to have corn! We learned a lot this year about our "deck garden" and think we can do much better next year. We got tons of tomatoes this year and quite a few squash. We had a few cucumbers and are still getting okra. And yesterday my neighbor called and told us to come pick apples - can't wait to get those canned. :) blessings, marlene

Julie Harward said...

You are such a good Idaho farmer, that is the tallest corn I have ever seen, and I grew up on an Idaho farm! LOL

Valerie said...

I have done better at being in the heat this summer. I like spring, not summer heat and not winter freezing cold, but I've been enjoying lots of time outside while I can. Like you said, the cold is coming too soon. But I haven't done anything as productive as a garden. :)Good job!

CB said...

I really don't think I have seen corn quite that tall. Super corn!!! I bet it is yummy!

We haven't planted a garden for 3 years now. Bad Bad Bad. I miss it.

gigi said...

Silver Queen is our very favorite for corn off the cob or creamed corn! Your garden did amazing, I'm proud for ya. Ours drowned in June. I've missed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, fresh corn from the garden is one of my favorite veggies. That is some tall and beautiful corn. This made me think of the song "Oklahoma" where they say the corn is as high as an elephant's eye...maybe you have Oklahoma corn sweet Tuana. lol Hugs

Betty said...

Hey! You stole my green thumb!i want it back!

Just kidding. I never had one, never will. But you've got ten of them! Beautiful work!

(I'm coming to the ER Thu to pick up my latest delivery from Diana. Will you be there?)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMG What a garden! That zucchini has to be a record breaker.
You have some good eating coming your way.
I hope your temps are not like ours since you don't have AC. We are sizzling here and everything that is not dead is dying. Gardens I mean.

renée @ Singing With Birds said...

Your garden is amazing! I love reading about how you use it too. I'm going to plant rhubarb next Spring so if you have any tips.....

Queenie Jeannie said...

You don't have A/C??? Yikes! We don't either and it gets hot, hot, hot on our third floor! Your garden is amazing and I'm crazy jealous! Enjoy it for me, OK???