Thursday, June 20, 2013


35 Years is a big deal.
It's a long time.
It is before the internet
Digital cameras
Cell phones
Smart phones....

Ya, it's long.
Seems like those things have always been with us.

Howie and I like remote.
Things that don't have all of the above.

We went to a little bed and breakfast along the Salmon River.

It was remote.
Our cabin....rustic.
No water.
No lights, just a kerosene latern.

It was awesome.
Six twin beds!
We pushed two of them together.
Been together for 35 years.
Not sleeping separate now.

 Such beautiful country.
I think the population of Shoup is 4.
Overcrowded a bit.

Hiya Handsome!


Lisa said...

No power? You are of pioneer stock, woman!

Nancy Face said...

Six twin beds? Very romantic, tee hee!

Our 30th anniversary was almost that romantic - we flew with the family to Texas for our son-in-law's Air Force graduation!

tammy said...

Doing what you love together = the best.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my, it looks perfect!!! Glad you got to getaway. Happy Anniversary...

Barbaloot said...

Happy Anniversary! 35 years is awesome.

gigi said...

At this point I think I would LOVE, remote! Glad you got away even if it was cut short. Pictures are awesome!