Thursday, September 27, 2012


A mess.
That's what.
And a lot of work.
And sweat.

And money.

A roof isn't even fun.

At least if we're spending this kind of money
 it would be nice to have
new furniture
something awesome like that.

We have had awesome neighbors hop up and swing a hammer or two.
Matt drove from Utah to spend the next few days helping.
Cameron came today from Pocatello.
Lynsey is here supervising everyone.

Howie took a week off from work to do this project.

Next time maybe we take time off from work for....
I don't know....

.....a vacation or something!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know they are pretty costly and not as much fun as furniture or a trip but definitely a necesssity!

Julia said...

Count your blessings, you're getting a new roof. I need a new roof desperately and were just too busy to be able to do it ourselves right now and it cost too much to have a contractor put one on.

It will look nice and you won't have to worry about ceiling damage when it rains.


The Jones Family said...

Been there...done that -- twice. Re-roofing is a huge job. We have a tile roof here in Arizona, and tiles tend to last a lot longer than regular shingles but they can slip and get broken and then that is an even bigger expense to repair than regular roofs. Hope this project goes well and that you get that well-deserved vacation!

Barb said...

We had to put a new roof on this spring - so expensive! Every year, our shingles would blow off with our Idaho wind, so we put on a metal roof . . . whew! Hope your lasts for a very long time!


Kerin said...

Oh boy!
Just what every girl has on their wish list...not!
We've moved so many times, and re-roofed so many houses.
I do not envy you ... at all.

At least once it's done, you will have piece of mind, and it will last for years, and years.

We have metal on all of our roofs... including the barn.
Hopefully, they will all last forever, and when I'm dead and gone**grin*.

jen said...

Like driving a convertible around Scottsdale . . .
Oh, you already did that one. Time for a new dream.
Sorry about the roof.

RoeH said...

Home Maintenance! Two words I dislike. *sigh*

mCat said...

I'm glad that he didn't end up in the ER. But then again, what blog fodder that would have been. We prolly should replace our roof but I am so NOT in the mood.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Good gosh, I can't even imagine doing the work yourselves! But I do know how expensive that job is. Thank goodness it lasts for a good long time!

Anonymous said...

One of those things that is necessary but not too exciting! A trip to the sunny beach would be better!

Connie said...

You will have peace of mind when the winter winds and snows come. I know, small concellation compared to a tropical vacation.

wendy said...

I hear ya on that sista'
I always have hated spending lots of money on house repairs, furnaces, car repairs.....Stuff people don't really notice.
You never say to your friends...HEY, WOULD ya love to see my new carburator?
New cloths, furniture, boob job, stuff like that, and of course a VACATION would be much much nicer.
But, gotta have a good roof over your head.
Maybe you can host a roof party...invite everyone up for some snacks and stuff.

gigi said...

I've been thinking of y'all and hoping the roof job has gone well and fast! It's a pain in the back and nails on the ground every where! Pay the grand kids a penny a nail or something so much more fun for every nail the can find and pick up.
Loves my friend!

Saimi said...

Well.... at least you won't get snowed on in the winter! You can sit in your comfy home sipping hot chocolate looking through vacation hot spots magazines...

Then the next time a home repair job surfaces, you can say...hey, hey it's my turn to spend the money... then off you go to some hot spot!

I love how you change your blog look, it's fun!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Well, they're kinda necessary!! LOL! Hugs and I'm glad you've kept your sense of humor!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I stand by nervously every time my husband gets on the roof to clean out the gutters. No way I'd let him put on a new roof! But how nice that he can do it and that you have friends and family who are willing to help! blessings, marlene

" Hit It......." said...

I felt that way when we had to put on a roof in our old house. It blows. I am impressed that your hubby did the work. As mine ages; his patience and mouth go with each home improvement project. I have learned for my sanity to just pony up and pay someone.

I agree, carpet, a face lift or even a little botox would be more fun to spend your money on.

Betty said...

I LOVE that Howie will do the job! Sadly, we're going to have to hire ours out. We were told about 3 years ago we had 1 year left on our roof. Hmmm.... still waiting.
Does Howie want a side job? :)

Momza said...

I like the idea of having a "roof party" after it's done! Is there ever a bad reason to have a party with family and friends?!

g.suzie said...

You both deserve a vacation. . .(not just on the roof but somewhere exotic) You are two of the hardest working people I know!

Lisa said...

Holy Junk! So sorry you have to do that—especially since you can't do the fun stuff instead. Well, I'm determined to go buy a bunch of fun stuff to make up for your loss. You're welcome. :)

Emmy said...

Yes a vacation sounds much better than putting a new roof on

Elizabeth said...

You have a point there. Roofing is certainly messy and sweaty but I think it can be fun too. If you work with people you’re comfortable with, any activity can be a potential source of fun. :D On the other hand, I think having a new roof is awesome. It may not be as fancy as a new sofa, but a new roof certainly has its perks. When I’m inside and I look up, there’s a certain feeling of security that always envelops me seeing our roof and knowing we’d stay dry and comfortable. :) -->Elizabeth

Pleasance Faast said...

Even though you don't like the whole process of re-roofing, doesn't it feel good to have good people who offered to hop up and swing a hammer or two? I agree that having your roof done could get a little messy, but the look of the new roof is rewarding. And the peace of mind it would bring you come the next storm is something worth breaking a sweat.
Pleasance Faast

Minta Gatlin said...

Re-roofing may seem inconvenient, but I'll take it if it means that I won't suffer from any leaks. I just take a deep breath and imagine the finished product when the stress is getting to me. But I believe that no job is stressful if you have the right people. You definitely deserve a vacation after this! Minta Gatlin