Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not sure how I feel about technology, it's a love/hate relationship. I LOVE it when it works right or when I know how to use it.
I got a laptop from my better half, now I am trying to figure out how to load music from my ipod (it was very difficult to get it there in the first place) and pictures from my camera onto my laptop....uhm, my camera had over 2500 pictures on the memory card....it's been rather cumbersome to try and find a certain picture. For two reasons I didn't want to unload the pictures onto our main computer at home...
#1 It's a piece of junk..(my hubby the 'puter guy and I have a piece of junk)
#2 I've been crossing my fingers and being a very good girl in hopes that I would get a laptop to call my very own.

So here I sit, trying to read info on Picasa, a storage system for photos, I thought I had downloaded my pictures...all 2500 of them....but nope, didn't work. So now I'm reading the "how to get started" section AGAIN from the Picasa help page.

Glad my toes dressed up for the occasion.

I'm sure this is very elementary for everyone else. I struggle. I think I'm a smart person....I can give drugs to stop a heart, start a heart, I can start a IV on a vein the size of a gnat's eyebrow, BUT I just don't get technology. I just want to turn it on and have it magically work.


jfeely said...

Tauna:) If you put your card (from the camera) and insert into the card reader on the laptop, a window should pop up saying things such as: Do you want to play a slideshow, do this, do that, and I think the very last option at the bottom is 'view files in a folder'. (That is the one I always click on) It just brings a simple folder up for you to view your pictures. No software programs load which is good b/c that will take longer. Give it some time if you have 2500 photos.

Now if you dont have a card reader, try plugging the usb cord from camera to laptop and the same window will pop up. (Once you plug both ends you may have to press the play or poweron button on the camera *some cameras have that feature*.)

Unless you have a mac, it should be pretty easy. (I dont know MACs). Anyway, if you have any questions, you know my email, I am always glad to help a gal out:)

Good luck!

Mary Z said...

Come on over! Or I can come there. Let me know.

Only Girl said...

well heck i unload mine and unload them again and again. and my boys say mom what the heck you have the same pictures four or five times. ya so... I DONT GET IT EITHER!!! I get so darn mad at the gadgets. I try and keep up and then what do ya know they come out with some new thing.

Nef Fam said...

Congratulations -- you are now officially a member of the CAT (Clueless About Technology) club!

Jeppesens said...

A gnat's eyebrow? I know you are good but.... I hope you are having a good time in the warm weather while we are here in the blowing snow. Tell you peestru

Jeppesens said...

A gnat's eyebrow? I know you are good but.... I hope you are having a good time in the warm weather while we are here in the blowing snow. I was looking forward to working with you this weekend then remembered that you are gone. Maybe another time. Have a great rest of your trip.