Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter

Last Saturday Howie spent the day splitting wood from the elm tree that had lived in our yard long before we bought the house. Last November was spent cutting it down...with a few mishaps. Anyway, that's another story. So, this elm tree was cut up last fall and stacked in the back. Well, those logs aren't burnable in my fireplace so they needed to be split. I called some neighbor boys and they helped stack and split. Thanks guys! So now it looks like this:

Monday Howie flew to Chicago. He did call me and tell me how hot and humid it was....rude! I've had the fireplace going nonstop and my feet are still cold. I guess I'm going to have to go put some socks on.

Anyway, I've enjoyed two days off and I've managed to have fun...canning. Yes, it is fun. Howie asked me the other day as I was so tired from peeling or blanching or pressure canning if I was having fun. I thought about it for a second and decided that yes, it is fun. Of course, it's awesome having a "spare" kitchen to can in. I can mess up that one and walk away...except when my kitchen upstairs is dirty too. Then it's not so awesome. Two kitchens to clean...yuk.

Well, my dear friend Judy has been bringing me quart jars from her mother's old stash. She was just going to send them to DI. I volunteered to take them off of her hands. I had no idea was I was volunteering for. I've probably been the recipient of about 12 dozen beautiful canning jars! But now I feel the urge to fill them all.

So, I've been making some chili, stew and today I did some baked beans and some pork and beans.

I'm kinda running out of ideas, but I am excited to have "convenience" foods to come home and eat after a long day of work or when I'm so lazy I don't want to cook a thing.

I work tomorrow but I think I'll come home and do up another batch of salsa. I can't seem to keep people from eating it. I'm still in the "you can only look at it" stage. Not the eating stage. I can tell from the furtive glances and guilty expressions that the salsa is being eaten, covertly and behind closed doors. I wasn't born yesterday and I know they are eating it....besides I can smell their salsa breath!

Anyway, I hate seeing empty jars so I'm pouring over cookbooks and racking my brain to see what I can come up with next. Linking up with Homestead Revival


Wild Weaver Family said...

I'm sorry but you have issues! I can't believe how beautiful those canning items look. There is only one problem now you will just be looking and not touching, but I think while you are out I will go sample!!!!!!

g.suzie said...

Tauna, you must have the best fed family in town,seriously!!A friend of mine as a newlywed, wanted to impress her new hubby with her homemaking skills. . .While he was at work she went to the store and bought a case of peaches (canned) and some mason jars,then she poured the canned peaches in the bottles so he would think she had been canning all day. . .I'm not sure if she ever fessed up!!!Not you, you're the 'real deal'. . .good job!

The Garden of Egan said...

Suzie, I love that story!!!!!!! I hadn't thought about that....hmmmmm.

Jeppesens said...

Okay one of these days I am going to come over and steal a few jars when you are not home. They look so beautiful. I can't believe it is almost winter either. Keep up the good work.

Kirsten said...

I love reading your blogs! You have such a narrative way of writing. Your jars are picture perfect. No wonder you don't want anyone eating them yet! I did frozen salsa a couple weeks ago and it's already almost gone. What is it with salsa not being able to stay on the shelf?

jfeely said...

Tauna!!! I am SO jealous that you are doing all that canning! First of all, I dont even know how to can...grrr. Second, you have all these fabulous recipes that I want. Like your jams, and salsas, etc! Share the wealth here! What do I need for successful canning? Do you have a good spaghetti sauce recipe for canning? I cant get the church stuff up here in Seattle. Please email me if you can:)