Saturday, June 6, 2020


4th time is a charm!!!!

After a long 8 months of fighting infection and 3 previous surgeries on this poor knee, 
today was the day for the final surgery!
I love that the anesthesia guy was sweet enough to text me pictures.
I love working in a hospital where I have such complete trust in these people and they treat everyone so well. 

I'm not squeamish, except knowing that it is Howie having to have this done. 

I told Paul (anesthesia guy) to take care of Howie.
He sent this picture and told me he was sleeping like a baby.

After a 4 hour surgery to give him the best outcome, he's finally in the room. 

And this doc!!! Dr Eysser is the absolutely most amazing ortho guy!
He and Rex his PA have been so amazing. We have shared tears and frustrations and lots and lots of prayers. 
We feel so blessed.

The surgery was yesterday morning and he came home today by noon.

Friday, May 22, 2020


During the year I collect Surejel and sugar and strawberries.

Then I do this.

And I am happy.

And so are my kids, who take a few home every time they come.

We also got the garden planted. I hope it does well. It has been a cold few weeks.
I tried to enjoy breakfast yesterday while this guy was reminding me he hasn’t had his.

Life has yet to feel normal for me,
I have gone to work in the ER as normal, but it still feels off.

I look forward to a new and improved normal.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I spent the day canning chicken.
Trying to empty out the freezer to fill it with a pig.

I forget how much I love to can from year to year.
I also forget how much work it is.
Ready to process.

Two double canners. 

Getting ready to go in a jar. 

I ended up with 65 pints of chicken.
I love having this stuff on the shelf.

Now I go to work for the next 4 days. 
The ER may be more restful. 

We have had some worrisome patients. 
I know one + Covid patient and another few that I am convinced and waiting for results. 

I have mixed feelings on all of this. 
My bigger concern is the economy. 

Not sure Idaho should be shut down like New York. 

Monday, April 27, 2020


I would say I want normal life back but I don’t want the old normal.
I want a better normal.
I have loved seeing people reconnecting with what really matters.

I’m tired of the empty shelves and panic buying, but I have also seen incredible kindness and giving from friends and strangers to one another.

My work has been disrupted. The ER has been quiet so much so that our hours are being cut.
Between that and Howie being laid off my stress level has been through the roof.

We will be fine. Thank goodness for no debt and plenty of food storage but there are so many that can’t say the same.

I miss normal.

I have taken care of a covid positive patient and another that I swear would be a positive. But tested negative. Younger man admitted and is now on the ventilator. Waiting for a second test to come back. False positives and negatives do occur.

I miss my kids.
Saturday we drove to Utah to see Matt and family and Lynsey who drove from Denver.
It felt good.

This has definitely put things in to perspective for me. There is so much fluff in life. Things that don’t matter.

I hope my perspective stays.
I hope that things that matter are the important things.
Like these two little miracle babies. 
They are perfect. 

Beautiful daughter-in-love Tara. 

They have a beautiful home and have made us feels so welcome. 
The twins and Lillian in Aunt Lynsey’s lap. 
This is just what I needed. 
My soul is fed. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Nothing is a joke today.

Apparently we had an earthquake yesterday.
Epicenter was about 5 hours away from me.
I was working in the ER. I didn’t feel it.
And this morning I drove to work.
It was a blizzard.

 I just feel like we are being punked. 
March was like living in the Jumanji movie. 

Friday, March 27, 2020


While Howie was off recovering from this latest knee surgery I planned on doing some reorganizing.

It has been therapeutic.
And all this was before I found out he was being laid off.

 I decided to get last years fruit out of the freezer and made jam. I’ll do that tomorrow when it thaws.

I checked seals on jars and cleaned things up. 

We got a new upright freezer last week. 
It was good to get the food out of a chest freezer and 
organize the cow. 

This is stuff we do use. 

And so is this. 

Several years ago I realized how awesome it was to have amazon deliver 
toilet paper. 
These days I am thankful!!!!

I’m thankful for church leaders who have taught us for decades to store food and necessities. 
We never know when we will need it. 

I also planted some seed to put in the garden 
Because of a short growing season I plant hardy plants. 
I look forward to watching tomatoes and peppers grow. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020


I know that we are not the only ones in this mess. 

And we are in this mess together. 
But my level of anxiety increased by leaps and bounds. 
Howie was laid off today until this Covid thing has resolved. 

Who knows how long? 
He’s our health insurance carrier. 
He’s between knee surgeries. 

Trying to take a deep breath and remember who is really in control. 

Friday, March 20, 2020


And here we are again.
Hopefully this time will be the charm.

5 months of fighting an infection in the new knee and we were losing.

So today they did an explant.
Removed all the components of the joint.
He now has a temporary spacer and in 6 weeks to 3 months we will
return for the knee implant.